In the world of healthcare and human services, change is a part of doing business. And now more than ever, the ability to change quickly and provide better value to customers and payers is critical  to remaining competitive.

Ann Boughtin Consulting LLC recognizes this and works with clients to achieve meaningful change in the near term by providing:

  • Strategic Consulting & Action Planning that result in implementable priorities to achieve near term results
  • Data, Reporting & Technology consultation & project management
  • Product & Service redesign to improve outcomes & reduce costs

Whether it is preparing for healthcare reform or other system changes, Ann Boughtin Consulting LLC has worked with numerous clients around developing a focused direction in times of change, by improving operations, enhancing information systems,  and changing service delivery models organizations to improve their value proposition to remain competitive.

Ann Boughtin Consulting, LLC has as a highly skilled team of professionals who have years of operational, on the ground experience in managed care, behavioral health and non-profit management, that sets us apart from other consulting groups.  We not only know it academically, we have lived it as leaders in major organizations.  We bring that knowledge with us when we work with our clients, so that planning and development work results in real action and change.