Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform is about more than the Affordable Care Act.  It includes an overarching focus on the Triple Aim of improving consumer satisfaction and health outcomes, improving the health of specific populations, and reducing costs.  The development and implementation of practical approaches that respond to these goals is the challenge faced by the entire healthcare community.  These approaches are built on identifying existing operational strengths, gathering and using data to inform decision-making.

Ann Boughtin Consulting, LLC has worked with managed care companies, providers, and governmental entities to set priorities to focus on the service and organizational changes needed and to work with them on near term change, so that they can keep pace with healthcare reform, remain true to their mission and bring value to customers and those they serve.

Whether your focus and current need is  systems of care, managed care, networks, health homes, accountable care organizations, or support services, our approach is to start with the person at the center of the service.  This person-centered approach is key to evaluating operations, services, quality and cost. Using your data and knowledge of systems, we will work with you to develop and implement a strategy that aligns with emerging market opportunities and the needs of your customers.

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