Actionable Management Consulting

Management consultants often enter an organization to assess needs, develop a plan and make recommendations. However, implementation of that plan can be the hardest part of the decision to make changes.  Ann Boughtin Consulting LLC has proven experience in system wide change, whether it is launching a managed care company, implementing statewide programs and services, or improving internal operations.  Our goal is to improve financial performance and the quality of services delivered, which means that you will have a better array of services with which to compete in the changing health and human service marketplace.

The approach used by Ann Boughtin Consulting LLC is characterized by:

  • Engagement of your team in planning for the change
  • Implementation of the change through focused, project management working closely with your team
  • Monitoring of meaningful metrics to measure your progress to goal

At Ann Boughtin Consulting LLC, we provide a clear timeline and structure for producing the results you are seeking, and work with your team so that the change can be sustained when we leave.